Diverse Precision Engineering
Diverse Precision Engineering

Diverse Precision Engineering

Diverse Precision Engineering is a division of Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd, a business that since 1967 has been manufacturing packaging machinery in the UK for varied industries across the world. Shrinkwrap continues to design and manufacturer industrial high speed packaging machinery in its entirety, check out their website for more details, shrinkwrap.co.uk.

Our background

Since 2005 Shrinkwrap had become increasingly involved in small and large scale component manufacture, utilizing their experience and expertise in machining, welding and assembly gained from over 40 years manufacturing packaging machinery. The component work has increased to such a point that it was decided in 2010 to start a new division within the company, and so Diverse Precision Engineering was formed, enabling a direct and consistent focus to the component side of the business.

Diverse in name and diverse in nature; our business has the flexibility to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers in the field of small and large scale component manufacture.

Contact us with your initial enquiry Email DPE, we will take you through our quotation process and if appropriate will assist with the design of your product/component.