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Case Study


The Customer

Gotek 7

The Customer’s Brief

A requirement for providing a compact, durable and waterproof case for housing personal and commercial tracking devices and battery packs.

The Application

Gotek 7 approached DPE to provide a solution that encases their tracking components into a compact, lightweight box for sale to the personal tracker market.

Diverse Precision Engineering Solution

Using our 3D modelling software, DPE designed and manufactured a High Density Polyethylene box and lid with housing for the tracking device and battery pack.  A bespoke rubber gasket was added to waterproof the unit.

The boxes and lids are machined from solid HDPE using our CNC machining centres.  Brass threaded inserts are push fitted into the case to allow for the lid to be secured.  The lid has features to mount neodymium magnets securely into it which in turn are used by the end user to fix the unit to their item to be tracked. The original design allowed for wireless charging through the case.

Durability and finish were key factors in the decision making process of Gotek 7, this resulted in a bespoke design and end product.

CAD designs followed Initial suggestions and consultation with the customer and then initial prototypes were manufactured for approval.  Batch production followed.

The benefits to the customer of producing the tracker boxes in this manner are that as the internal tracking product has evolved DPE are able to make subtle changes to the design of the box to incorporate the new features.  Design and manufacture by this method means that the customer is able to continually evolve and improve their product and are not limited by the external case.  DPE can deliver a case to suit.

Customer Testimonial

We approached Diverse Precision Engineering with a task that was simply not an easy one, how to keep something water tight and very strong and keep the complete size to our requirements. Well things have certainly gone beyond our expectations.
Having the ability to sit own with cup of coffee and speak to the actual engineers that use the 3D machines and discuss changes etc is amazing. We have been dealing with companies in China for years and you will never get the attention to detail in the manner we have been dealt with.
DPE are now an important part of our business, it allows us to inform clients that we can almost build anything to there requirements and specs, I only wish I could of found DPE a few years ago.
We are constantly discussing and trying various prototyping for various applications, the great thing is, it can be achieved within days. DPE are simply a team of professionals that have the experience and the passion to achieve what the client requires you will also be surprised to hear that you no longer have to catch a plane for competitive pricing; it’s on our door step.
Well done DPE.

Gavin Teale
Managing Director
Gotek 7