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Case Study


The Customer

South West Trains

The Customer’s Brief

To reengineer the existing emergency egress cover frame and Perspex flap.

The Application

The reengineering was required by South West Trains to reduce accidental and deliberate misuse of the emergency egress facility by changing the existing clear Perspex flap for a steel one.

Diverse Precision Engineering Solution

Using our 3D modelling software, we designed a new easy access flap system to dissuade the public from using the emergency stop in anything other than an emergency situation for which is its purpose.

CAD designs followed Initial suggestions and consultation with the customer and then we manufactured initial prototypes for approval.

Once approval gained we moved forward into production.

Existing frames are received in batches, the frames and Perspex flaps are disassembled then the frame is mounted in a jig and machined to accept the new purpose made powder coated steel flap and retaining mechanism. Safety instruction labels are applied; each frame assembly is then wrapped and returned for installation on the train.

DPE and South West trains are working together on a planned replacement roll out of the flaps across their Desiro Fleet.

Customer Testimonial

DPE were chosen for this particular project due to fact that they were already working within the industry. Their proximity and accessibility were additional benefits allowing us to resolve engineering issues on a timely basis.

The DPE team were always accommodating throughout the whole development and production process, and welcomed any site visits. Overall the most impressive thing about DPE was their willingness to make sure that the product was as the customer required throughout, and their “can do” attitude.

Brian Tucker
Head of Fleet Performance
South West Trains